Alaston saari, Hadaka no shima / 1960 / 94min / 16mm
Thu 14.4.2016 klo 18:30 Malmitalo, Ala-Malmin tori 1 Helsinki

Naked Island tells the story of a man, a woman and their two small boys. Every day, the family living on this island must make the arduous journey to get clean water from the mainland. There is no actual dialogue. ”Before The Naked Island, I looked at people in a social context,” Shindō once wrote, “but after it, I started to look at society from the point of view of the existence of human beings.”

Born in Hiroshima, Shindō Kaneto (1912–2012) was 100 years old when he passed in 2012 and was one of the key filmmakers of his generation. His work often centres around the influence of war and violence on human behaviour. Shindō’s main mentor was esteemed director Kenji Mizoguchi.



After last year’s pause, we are happy to welcome back the Japanese film series that has been with us since the founding of the festival. We begin with Shindō Kaneto’s existential black and white film Naked Island, continue with the culinary and satirical treat Tampopo by Itami Jūzō and finish the series with radical director Adachi Masao’s latest film Artist of Fasting. It offers us something completely different, namely a story about a hunger artist, based on the short story by Franz Kafka.

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