Sun 17.4.2015 klo 18:00 Malmitalo, Ala-Malmin tori 1 Helsinki

Taking part in a performance of expanded cinema means giving one’s self up to the synaesthetic experience, developing a receptive attitude, free of critical criteria… Light is the starting agent of this chain reaction, the projector its tool.

Come and sit on the margins of traditional rules of cinema. Of course the basics are present: light, shutter, sound, screen, eye, brain, imagination. But conventions are overturned. The device is reversed, the projector becomes an instrument and the projectionist plays live in front of you. The precision of movements unfolds a universe on the edge, between dream and reality, intimacy and chaos. Celluloid teases you, wild and fleeting. Suspension, fragile silence. Flashes wake, the mechanical devices scream. Our retinas become unfaithful and let themselves drown in a pure and ephemeral moment.

Xavier Quérel is a filmmaker based in Grenoble active in different fields of experimental cinema focusing on performance with light and film. Quérel considers the cinema projector as an instrument, allowing him to play it with the spontaneity of a musician. He plays with “La Cellule d’intervention METAMKINE”, a film/music performance based on improvisation, with Jérome Noetinger and Christophe Auger. He co-founded “L’Atelier MTK”, a collective ‘handcraft’ cinema laboratory for experimental cinema techniques.



Live cinema -shows bring moving image and live performance together. This year we see Finnish-Russian friendship and cooperation in practice when The Association of experimental electronics will play a live soundtrack to Evgeny Kondratiev films, chosen by CINE FANTOM. Kuukka, Kuukka & Luukkonen and Destroyer2048 group will be in action with analogue and digital tools in their performances and Xavier Quérel will present his masterful improvisational film performance.

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