Fri 15.4.2015 klo 21:00 Malmitalo, Ala-Malmin tori 1 Helsinki

Taking Pictures is an atmospheric examination of fading memories and fading media in an age of audiovisual oversaturation. The decaying, organic super-8 film material meets digital deconstruction. Live music, based on analog tape loops and their digital treatment, is combined with live video mixing.

The brothers Samu and Ville Kuukka are musicians, composers, record producers, sound designers, and visual artists living in Helsinki. Their bands The Gentleman Losers and Lessons release music through the Berlin labels City Centre Offices and Sinnbus. Their new album will be released later this year.

Marko Luukkonen is educated in cinematography and he works broadly in the fields of film, visual art, and live visualisation. No instrument suitable for moving picture is alien to him. His latest work, Saalis(taja)/Prey, a collaboration with Jyrki Riekki, was displayed in late 2015.

The collaboration between Luukkonen and the brothers Kuukka begun at the 2011 AAVE Festival, when the three created, together with the choreographer Mikko Kallinen, an audiovisual perfomance called “Measuring – Coordinates, Energy, Emotions and Gravity”.




Live cinema -shows bring moving image and live performance together. This year we see Finnish-Russian friendship and cooperation in practice when The Association of experimental electronics will play a live soundtrack to Evgeny Kondratiev films, chosen by CINE FANTOM. Kuukka, Kuukka & Luukkonen and Destroyer2048 group will be in action with analogue and digital tools in their performances and Xavier Quérel will present his masterful improvisational film performance.

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