Thu 14.4.2015 klo 20:30 Malmitalo, Ala-Malmin tori 1 Helsinki

No-one knows what will happen when AAVE crashes Finnish KOELSE together with Russian films by Evgeny Kondratiev, chosen by Moscow-based film club CINE FANTOM, except that filth will concentrate to diamonds, diamonds will explode to ashes and the world will be one step closer to a post-avantgarde utopia.

For AAVE 2016, CINE FANTOM presents a 77 min program on Evgeny Kondratyev´s (USSR) works from the years 1985–1991. Kondratiev is a major filmmaker of the Leningrad underground of the 1980s, a cinematographic poet, a disciple of the “People’s Motion Picture Studio”, a cinematographic artist and the inventor of the vertical cinema. Kondratyev continues the legacy of silent black-and-white classical films of the past three decades. His work could be compared to a poet using a pencil and paper.


is a group of experimental electronics enthusiasts and the leading provider of electronic / post-digital trash cultural experiences. They have been exploring the boundaries of the fields of circuit bending, hardware hacking, E-waste abuse, experimental musical composition and wasteploitation with religious lust and devotion. Koelse builds installations, plays concerts and teaches workshops. Their projects have been seen and heard around Europe on festivals, museums, galleries, wastelands and squats.

CINE FANTOM‘s history starts in 1985 when Gleb and Igor Aleinikov, Boris Yukhananov, Yevgeny Yufit, Pyotr Pospelov, Sergey Dobrotvorsky, Yevgeny (Debil) Kondratiev and other participants of the Soviet underground cinema met in flat parties to make and watch underground, as yet unheard, Russian Parallel cinema. The title of the self-published magazine “Cine Fantom” became the name of the club in 1995 and Alexandr Doulerain, Dmitry Troitsky, Olga Stolpovskaya, Olga Lyalina, Inna Kolosova and others joined the movement. For 30 years they have arranged screenings, performances, retrospective shows and cinema lectures. Since 2015 CINE FANTOM has its permanent location in the Stanislavsky Electrotheatre, at the very heart of Moscow, next to Red Square.

The program contains the following films: Birth of Cinema: Horizontal Primitivism (1988 / USSR / 10 min); Labour and Hunger (1985 / USSR / 5min / in cooperation with O. Kotelnikov); Nanaynana (1985 / USSR / 8min); Halley’s Comet (1986 / USSR / 5min); Olf’s Supporter (1987 / USSR / 5min / in cooperation with K. Mitenev, A. Ovtchinnikov, I. Savtchenkov); Daydreams (1988 / USSR /10 min); Once Upon a Time on a Riverbank (1991 / 10min); Raindrops that Remain on Trees (1990 /12min); Lena’s Men (1989 / USSR / 12 min)



Live cinema -shows bring moving image and live performance together. This year we see Finnish-Russian friendship and cooperation in practice when The Association of experimental electronics will play a live soundtrack to Evgeny Kondratiev films, chosen by CINE FANTOM. Kuukka, Kuukka & Luukkonen and Destroyer2048 group will be in action with analogue and digital tools in their performances and Xavier Quérel will present his masterful improvisational film performance.

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