Short works / 54min
Sun 17.4.2016 klo 20:00 WHS Teatteri Union, Unioninkatu 45 LH 1-2 Helsinki

1. Samples (3min) from the works: Grooves (2009); the Blow (1997); Northern Lights Live (2004); Whistles, Trills & Clicks (2008) and Primaries.

2. Texas Scramble (1996 / 21min)
Texas Scramble is based on the notion of memory as the basis for our perception, it progresses through situations and moments consisting of repetitions of varying type, clinging outside narrative and letting chance associations form the path. “texas scramble is a type of game in golf where every new round starts from the best individual situation” (Vivien Saunders)

3. Navigator03 (2004–2005 / 5min)
Van Ingen´s visualization of the composition by Kuljuntausta based on the sounds of Beluga whale, commissioned by the and First performance was at EXPO2005 World Fair, Aichi, Japan. Navigator03 is the third version of this work.

4. Days (2000 / 16min)
Days is a visualisation of the dilemma between mythology and actuality, human desire for mystification evoked with the consequential out-come of eventual destruction – in this case the jungle.

5. Stagecoach (2010 / 9min)
Wheels where paramount in the conquering of the west, they made possible the transporting of building materials to build towns and cities. Wheels – now in the form of the private automobile – have become a symbol of freedom and the last way to conquer “the big outdoors”. However getting out of ones the car has got more difficult and much scarier.



AAVE celebrates sonic artist, composer and musician Petri Kuljuntausta and experimental filmmaker Sami van Ingen’s 20 years time of collaborative works with a special program. Congratulations!

”In the audio-video work of Petri and Sami one cannot tell whether sound or image comes first because of their subtle and flowing intricate relationship. The sound seems to emerge from the image and the image from the sound creating a third fused audiovisual entity. Here the expression of both artists is sparse and minimal, addressing non-development from different angles at the same time as displaying an extended linearity.” (Phill Niblock and Katherine Liberovskaya)

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