Wed–Sun 13.–17.4.2016 klo 15:00–19:00 Vapaan taiteen tila, Vilhonvuorenkuja 15
(Exhibition Opening Wednesday 13.4. at 18:00–22:00)

The theme of Systems II -course, organized by The Centre for General Studies in the Finnish Academy of Fine Arts are the systems used by artists and other systems. The students whose works are in the exhibition, are Dylan Arnold, Fanny Ehnvall & Milla Piiroinen, Alexei Gordin & Vladimir Beljakov, Maria Hekkala, Maiju Hukkanen, Inkeri (Astri Laitinen & Pilvi Hyvärinen), Kristian Jalava, Katarzyna Kosieradzka, Okku Nuutilainen, Harriina Räinä, Mia Seppälä, Saku Soukka, Pauli Tapola ja Ninni Wager.

The exhibition has been realized partially in cooperation with AAVE-festival. It includes a media art work Conducting Senses by Andre Vicentini and Fernando Visockis.

Free Space for Art is a forum for the students in art university to organize their exhibitions, concerts, performances and other events. The space is located in Katri Valan Puisto -park’s shelter in the area of Sörnäinen, Helsinki. The entry is opposite of Vilhonvuorenkuja 16.



AAVE 2016 presents an exhibition by late Austrian Rudolf Weidenauer, for whom life and art were almost inseparable activities. MUU Cable -gallery’s exhibition by Ilkka Pitkänen is connected to our program via collaboration with artists organization MUU ry. In connection with the Systems-exhibition in The Space for the Free Arts, organized by The Centre for General Studies of The Finnish Academy of Fine Arts, AAVE presents a participatory media art work by Andre Vicentini and Fernando Visockis.

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