Mon–Sun 11.–17.4.2016 klo 10:00–19:00 MAA-tila, Albertinkatu 19
(Exhibition Opening Monday 11.4. klo 18:00–20:00)

For Austrian Rudolf Weidenauer (1969 – 2011), art was a way of making contact with his surroundings: Sometimes this might mean an absurd game by which a space got explored, at other times a performance through which he could talk to others, involve them in the process of creation. Life and art were therefore almost inseparable for Weidenauer — when after his unexpected demise in 2011 friends explored his apartment trying to create a catalog of his works, they were often faced with the question where the mundane, accidental of daily life ended and something like an installation began…

The videos shown in this exhibition belong, bare one, to a series of works called Videoüberfälle (Video assaults), for which he asked passers by on the street to tape an action of his. The lone work apart was made during a long stay in Helsinki — a trip of extraordinary importance for his development as an artist.
(Olaf Möller)

Realized with the generous support of the association ”Rudi Weidenauer – zur Würdigung seines künstlerischen Nachlasses“.

Gallery MAA-Tila (Albertinkatu 19) belongs to Art school MAA. It is an open, interdisciplinary space for diverse cultural projects. Its programme includes exhibitions, video screenings, performances and public discussions. MAA-Tila functions also as a platform for events and experiments, which do not usually have a room in the more conventional galleries.



AAVE 2016 presents an exhibition by late Austrian Rudolf Weidenauer, for whom life and art were almost inseparable activities. MUU Cable -gallery’s exhibition by Ilkka Pitkänen is connected to our program via collaboration with artists organization MUU ry. In connection with the Systems-exhibition in The Space for the Free Arts, organized by The Centre for General Studies of The Finnish Academy of Fine Arts, AAVE presents a participatory media art work by Andre Vicentini and Fernando Visockis.

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