Mon–Sun 11.–17.4.2016 klo 10:00–19:00 MUU Cable, Tallberginkatu 1 C
(Sat-Sun 12:00–16:00)

“A 360 degree video installation about the constantly shifting architectural diversity of Helsinki”

Dérivia is a video installation that explores sociocultural differences and similarities in Helsinki. As raw material for his work, artist Ilkka Pitkänen has taken digital photographs of buildings and public spaces in Helsinki constructed in different periods. The two-dimensional photographs are placed in a 3D virtual space to create a kind of collage. A travelling shot through the digital space allows viewers to observe the fictitious townscape from different angles.

The footage is presented via several rear projectors on a cylindrical screen that allows viewers to move inside the installation in the midst of events. The work also includes a surround soundtrack. Pitkänen’s work is a visual rendering of the constantly shifting architectural diversity of Helsinki. The installation combines a contemporary visual idiom with the ideas of Guy Debord and other situationists on psychogeography. In spite of its surrealistic appearance, Dérivia is also a highly distinctive documentation and portrait of Helsinki in our age.

OBS! The exhibition started before the festival on 8.4.2016 will continue after the festival until 15.5.2016.

Ilkka Pitkänen (b. 1981) is a Helsinki-based multidisciplinary artist working with various media including moving image, photography, installation and performance. Thematically his art deals with personal space, integrity and the perception of reality. Pitkänen has presented his work in many exhibitions in Finland and internationally.



AAVE 2016 presents an exhibition by late Austrian Rudolf Weidenauer, for whom life and art were almost inseparable activities. MUU Cable -gallery’s exhibition by Ilkka Pitkänen is connected to our program via collaboration with artists organization MUU ry. In connection with the Systems-exhibition in The Space for the Free Arts, organized by The Centre for General Studies of The Finnish Academy of Fine Arts, AAVE presents a participatory media art work by Andre Vicentini and Fernando Visockis.

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