Short works / 71min
Sat 16.4.2016 klo 16:30 Malmitalo, Ala-Malmin tori 1 Helsinki

Roee Rosen (b. 1963) is an Israeli-American artist, filmmaker and writer. In his works Rosen explores the blurring boundaries of identities and multiple roles making visible critical, historical, and social narratives of power, powerlessness, and oppression. His painting and text installation, Live and Die as Eva Braun (1995-1997) stirred a scandal when first exhibited at the Israel Museum, but was also recognized as an important work about the trauma of holocaust and it´s representations. Rosen dedicated years to his fictive feminine persona, the Jewish-Belgian Surrealist painter Justine Frank. The project culminated in Frank’s retrospective (Herzliya Museum, 2003; Extra-City, Antwerp, 2009), a short film entitled Two Women and a Man (special mention, Oberhausen film festival, 2005), and a book Justine Frank, Sweet Sweat, published by Sternberg Press in 2009.

1. Out (2010 / 34min)
Out presents a domination/ submission scene set in a mundane living room, performed by the members of israelian BDSM-community. In fact, the sentences are all quotes of Israel’s minister of foreign affairs, Avigdor Lieberman, one of the most extreme right wing politicians in Israel. The final musical scene is a song set to the words of the Russian poet Esenin’s Letter to Mother. It refers to another film dealing with radical sexuality and politics: Dušan Makavejev’s W.R. – The Mystery of the Organism (Misterije organizma, 1971).

2. Two Women and a Man (2005 / 16min)
Justine Frank (1900–1943) was a Belgian Jewish woman, who made paintings on messianic, iconoclastic visions with sexual and mystic themes. She was rejected by the misogynistic surrealists, left in the 30s to Palestine, and was rejected and forgotten again. In fact, Frank is a fictive artist invented by Israeli artist Roee Rosen. He is also the author of her pornographic novel, of which he wrote critical essays, and her biography, published as one book. In Two Women and a Man, an art historian and theoretician discusses Justine Frank’s “discovered” art and attacks Rosen’s appropriation of it.

3. Hilarious (2010 / 21 min)
Hilarious examines the territory of dysfunctional humor and laughter, via a stand up monologue of a female comedian performing live in front of a studio audience. If humor is a coping mechanism for particularly disturbing and sometimes forbidden topics, sometimes forbidden topics, this performance not only offsets these structures through their failure, but also offers a different manifestation of these topics, left exposed without the guise of laughter.



Our series of bold, and sometimes outrageous works continues its legacy with three screenings. In our 2016 program we screen Ghost Lights, a compilation of the new Finnish video works that came in distribution 2015 via AV-arkki, the Distribution Centre for Finnish Media Art, Pekka Sassi´s works about Kolya, a metaphysical hooligan involved in disruptions both in heaven and on the earth and a compilation of the works by Israeli artist Roee Rosen, in where the games on intersectional identities are played in the fields of domination in sex, politics, arts and entertainment.

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