Short works + Wonderlust DJ’s / 77min
Sat 16.4.2016 klo 22:30 WHS Teatteri Union, Unioninkatu 45 LH 1-2 Helsinki

At the end of the CINE FANTOM -evening we will screen without sound the films by Yevgeny Kondratiev shown during the festival opening day at Malmitalo. You can find the list of works from this catalogue’s Live Cinema -program. Dj Duo Wonderlust will play at the WHS bar at the same time.

”With dance are gone arrogance, and dominance, instead is found a glowing essence, a luminance!”

Wonderlust is a DJ duo of Johanna Ketola and Reetta Sironen. Since 2005 the duo has performed in Finland and abroad at music clubs and festivals as well as at art- and theatre festivals. The musical core of their set is formed around the eastern folk and gypsy music traditions, mixed with the global contemporary music scene influenced by these traditions. With them you can travel from Middle East, through Balkans and Eastern Europe all the way to Finland. At Aave festival Wonderlust set has a specific musical flavour of Russia and former Soviet Union.


CINE FANTOM´s history starts in 1985 when Gleb and Igor Aleinikov, Boris Yukhananov, Yevgeny Yufit, Pyotr Pospelov, Sergey Dobrotvorsky, Yevgeny (Debil) Kondratiev and other participants of the Soviet underground cinema met in flat parties to make and watch underground, as yet unheard, Russian Parallel cinema (parallel´shchiki). The title of the self-published magazine “CINE FANTOM” became the name of the club in 1995 and Alexandr Doulerain, Dmitry Troitsky, Olga Stolpovskaya, Olga Lyalina, Inna Kolosova and others joined the movement. For 30 years they have arranged screenings, performances, retrospective shows and cinema lectures. Since 2015 CINE FANTOM has its permanent location in the Stanislavsky Electrotheatre, at the very heart of Moscow, next to Red Square. Our CINE FANTOM guests are:

Gleb Aleinikov is a film director, screenwriter, film- and tv- producer. He is an author of more than 30 films including Tractors (Traktora, 1987), Tractor Drivers 2 (Traktoristi 2, 1992), Someone has been here… (Zdes kto-to bye… 1989), Ameriga (1990-2000) and others, many of them together with his brother Igor Aleinikov.

Lenka Kabankova is CINE FANTOM club curator and filmmaker. She is an author of short films Happiness – The Movie (2002) and Two Equators (2001), co-directed with Grigory Dikkert, and the film cycle Parallel Cinema.

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