Aka Umoregi, directed by Kōhei Oguri in 2005, 93min

The Buried Forest is shot in HD, whose detection of light gives the images lots of luminosity, whether shot by day or by night. Oguri’s human characters become part of the landscapes: three teenage girls passing the time by telling stories of camels and whales, a layabout youth whose goal is to keep a giraffe-shaped balloon afloat, an old lady whose obstinate refusal to be  sent to a retirement home becomes the talk of the town, and the discovery of the petrified forest reminds the townsfolk of the things that exist beyond their day-to-day worries and frustrations.












Kōhei Oguri (b. 1945) is a japanese film director, screenwriter and a writer of several books. With only five films to date he seems to work against the fast and exhausting rhythm of the plot-derived film industry. His debut film Muddy River (Doro no kawa, 1981) got him an Oscar nomination, a slew of festival prizes and a top spot in many Japanese film critics’ top ten lists. He got the Jury Grand Prize and The International Federation of Film Critics price at Cannes in 1990 for The Sting of Death (Shi no Toge).


THU 12.4.2012, Juhlasali, 18:00
Venue: Malmitalo, Ala-Malmin tori 1

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