Curators Juha van Ingen and Kristín Scheving, present a selection of Nordic artwork that are all by artists participating in Northern Video Art Network, NOVA . Van Ingen and Scheving have been working on this project for over a year, with Niclas Hallberg in Sweden and the network will expand to other countries in the next few months.

The selection of work are all of performative nature and deal with different issues but what they all have in common is reflection on humanity, interaction with other people via urban space, in the nature or via internet! For many Nordic artists Nature plays a big part like in the work ´Her´ by Icelandic artist Thora Solveig Bergsteinsdóttir and the same feeling is in the work by Finnish artist Annette Arlander ´Krysuvik  3´, both films are filmed in Iceland, and have this feeling of emptyness, powerfulness and social issues. Hops Hopsi by Hulda Rós Gudnadóttir has got this surreal feeling to it like Gustaf Broms´s work ´The sitting´, both filmed in public space but with a lack of interaction with other people, in Gudnadóttir´s film because it is a deserted theme parc, but in Brom´s work because of the feeling of the center of the film belonging to another world. ´Streymi´ by María Dalberg and ´Iris´ by Dodda Maggý both have a very prominent playfulness to it and it really takes you on a nostalgic trip. “Mind” by Heidi Kilpeläinen and “The Right Way to Be” by Tero Puha both have a reflection on society today where it feels as they could be (and are) home-made films, made for skype or a communication via skype, what people use everyday in every corner of the planet. And finally found footage work “The Third Man” by Erik Bünger, which is also reflection of society and perhaps again with a nostalgic twist!



1. Thora Solveig Bergsteinsdottir (IS): Her (2008), 04:16
2. Hulda Rós Gudnadóttir (IS): Hops Hopsi (2010), 02:52
3. Gustaf Broms (SE): The sitting (2007), 07:40
4. Erik Bünger (SE): The Third Man (2010), 07:00 (excerpt of originally a 50 min. lecture Performance)
5. Dodda Maggý (IS): Iris (2006), 04:30
6. Tero Puha (FI): The Right Way to Be (2005), 05:05
7. Annette Arlander (FI): Krysuvik 3 (2011), 03:29
8. María Dalberg (IS): Streymi (2009), 03:08
9. Heidi Kilpeläinen aka HK119 (FI): Mind (2008), 03:00


SAT 14.4.2012, Juhlasali, 17:30
Venue: Malmitalo, Ala-Malmin tori 1

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