Ghost Lights ‘12 is a selection of videoworks curated by Ivan Punzo and Kari Yli-Annala and distributed by the Finnish media art distribution centre AV. In the work by Sini Pelkki the materiality of the image is met and focused breathtakingly in the borderline between the still and moving images. Artists´ duo Pink Twins distorts the laws of the physics in their digital animation. We jump into the worlds of music video (Anneli Nygren) and see representational signs of sexual identity (Eemil Karila), treat film noir as a hybrid genre made of odd portions (Eric Hynynen) and spy at the creative process of an artist with warm irony and humor (Nina Lassila).


1. Sini Pelkki: Embarkation (2012), 07:10
A moving image that is framed like a photograph explores the relationship between the still and the moving image.

2. Pink Twins: Miracle (2012), 08:18
Laws of physics get distorted in this epic animation, where a spiralling organism mutates and reforms itself from primary structures to chaotic noise and harmonic caleidoscopic formations. Explosions of light and cacophonic electronic music f ollow a miracle of synthetic life, evolution and afterlife.

3. Anneli Nygren: Tutkanpaljastin (Radar Detector, 2011), 03:21
There is a radar detector in my car that reveals that finally you love me.

4. Eemil Karila: Tom of Lapland (2010, orig. Super 8 mm), 04:13
A fictive self portrait in honor of Tom of Finland inspired by Berlin´s one of the most famous club´s Berghains interiors and ambients.

5. Eric Hynynen (FI(/AU): Film noir (2011), 05:26
Film Noir is an experimental short produced by overlapping layers of found footage, live action and animation. The result is a poetic, dreamlike, almost abstract, vision into the world of a fictional horror movie character.

6. Nina Lassila: Coffee, tea or dinosaurpee… (2011), 04:34
A voice-over describes a work of an artist while she is trying to create a topic specific artwork for an exhibition. She is feeling both artistic and sexual frustration and has difficulties in channeling her work in a satisfying direction.


SAT 14.4.2012, Juhlasali, 19:00
Venue: Malmitalo, Ala-Malmin tori 1 

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