Mia Mäkelä works in the fields of real-time audiovisual performance, experimental  video and documentary. Her work has been described as “A dark delirium of images, a disintegrated vision on a complex world – a digital version of William Blake’s poetry”. Her style ranges from minimal abstractions to multilayered compositions following a dreamlike narrative audiovisual journey.

Her latest works includes Green Matters (2011), which is a scientific art project, an exploration of the possibilities of the use of green algae in the Baltic Sea. M (2011) was a generative visuals set for Mia Zabelka´s audio release M. The performance Kaamos Trilogy (2007-09) was a  fairytale about illumination and the figure of a guru, a homage to Tarkovsky. Nine (IX) (2008) was a performance with Kate Pendry and Hildur Guddnadottir, presenting 9 oracles following the tradition of female role as the foreseer in the ancient Greece. Live soundtrack was made by Miguel Marin (Arbol).

Mäkelä is an important innovator on the concept of live cinema theory, practice and workshops. In 2006 she published her thesis on live cinema language and elements, (Media Laboratory, Helsinki University of Art and Design) which gathers her experience on real-time visuals. The following year she also edited widely distributed special issue on live cinema for a: minima. Her latest workshop titled ”Audiovisual Realtime Creation” took place in Canada, Mexico, Spain,
Germany, Belgium, Holland and Finland.



A flowing stream of images depict Icelandic nature, each frame resemble a living landscape painting in a continuous, viscous perceptive moment. Musical accompaniment is realised by Tero Vänttinen (Cleaning Women, Kometa). Soundscapes are created from acoustic sounds, which are recorded live, processed and looped onto digital layers. These soundscapes alternate with mostly improvised live sections, which are played with an electric guitar, one bass guitar string and percussions.


SUN 15.4.2012, Malmisali, 17:00
Venue: Malmitalo, Ala-Malmin tori 1

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