FixC Cooperative: Animal Party

FixC Cooperative Proudly Presents: Animal Party featuring Kuluman kundit (Sons of Arthritis). Animalistic and cinematic opening event. Animalistic sound performance by Seppo Renvall and Maria Duncker. Includes two performances!


1. Seppo Renvall, Jarkko Räsänen and Juha van Ingen: Lenkki (2011), 3 x Super 8 -loops with live soundtrack. FixC Cooperative presents a collective film performance. Found etnological footage of life in Finland (polar night, reindeers, fire and sauna) is projected and tweaked by Seppo Renvall and  Juha van Ingen. Premiere in Anthology Film Archive, New York November 2011.


Kuluman kundit (Sons of Arthritis) & Seppo Renvall

2. Kuluman kundit (Sons of Arthritis), feat. films by Seppo Renvall
A live cinema -happening between the poems by Jouni Tommola, music by Kuluman kundit -orchestra and Renvall´s films. “Moving image becomes an instrument among other instruments when it joins in the musical performance by Kuluman kundit” (S.R.). Kuluman kundit is a group  led by musician Zape Leppänen. Among other things Leppänen has played in legendary progressive rock and “bluesheavy” bands of the 1970s (Orfeus, Kalevala, Bluesounds, his own band Limousine) and made the soundtrack to Renvall´s films Drumzinfonia (2005), Return to Humanity (2007), Exotique (2010) and Nature (2011).

Kuluman kundit (Sons of Arthritis) -orchestra:
Jouni Tommola, runot / poems
Zape Leppänen, rummut / drums
Karri Koivukoski, viulu / violin
Matti Jakola, huilu / flute
Petri Pulkkinen, kitara / guitar
Puka Oinonen, bassokitara / bass guitar
Seppo Renvall, filmit / films



THU 12.4.2012, Juhlasali, 20:00
Venue: Malmitalo, Ala-Malmin tori 1

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