1. At the Academy (1974) Guy Sherwin, 4 min b/w sound 16mm
A found-footage film made entirely from Academy leader, which is normally used to cue the start of films. The film was hand-printed on a home-made contact printer. It was rolled back and re-printed several times over. The film explores displacements of a positive and negative copy of the same loop. Since the printer light also covers the sound-track area, both picture and sound undergo identical transformations.

2. End Rolls (2009) Lynn Loo, 12min, colour, sound (uses light sensors) 4x 16mm projectors. Raw colour film was partially exposed to different levels of light such as candle, stove, fire, room light, etc. The idea partly derived from seeing the beginnings and endings of colour film, a few  seconds of colour fluctuations before arriving at the real images. Live sound is extracted from the light of the projectors.

3. Bay Bridge from Embarcadero (2005) Guy Sherwin, 8min. b/w, silent. 3x 16mm projectors. Three same-sized screens were placed with a slight overlap on each side, creating a peculiar sense of a panorama but one with different time-levels in three slightly shifted frames of the (more or less) same view.

4. Canon (2000) Guy Sherwin, 4min. b/w, sound. 16mm
Teollinen maisema näyttää kiertyvän korkean savupiipun ympärillä, äänen ja kuvan vaihtuvin kuvioin. An industrial landscape spirals around a tall chimney, in phased patterns of sound and image.

5. Railings #2 (1977) Guy Sherwin, 8 min. b/w, sound. 2x16mm
One of a series of films that investigates qualities of sound that can be generated directly from the image track. The images that you see are simultaneously scanned by the optical sound reader in the projector, which converts the into sound. This particular film makes use of the aural effect of visual perspective; the steeper the perspective on the railings, the closer the intervals of
black and white, and the higher the frequency of sound. “I also wanted to find out what freeze frames and visual strobe would ‘sound’ like. Visual strobe is created both in the camera – (camera shutter v. railings) and in the printer (printer shutter v. slipping frames).” (G.S.)

6. Vowels & Consonants (2006) Lynn Loo & Guy Sherwin, 8 min. b/w/col, sound. 5x16mm projectors. A projection performance event in which all the material, both image and sound, is generated by letterforms. From an original work ‘Vowels’ 2005 by Lynn Loo which was expanded to include consonants. Columns of letters were printed from computer onto acetate and then transferred in the darkroom by contact printing onto 16mm film. As the letters spill into the soundtrack area we hear sounds. The work has also been perfor vmed as a live interaction with musicians.

7. Cycles #3 (2003) Guy Sherwin, 7 min. b/w/col, sound. 2x 16mm projectors
This is a live projection event for two 16mm projectors and two loudspeakers. The material used in Cycles (1972/77) is recycled for two screens and two soundtracks, with one tinted screen set inside a second b/w screen. This combination gives rise to a surprising range of induced colours and afterimages, as well as complex cross-rhythms in the soundtrack.


SAT 14.4.2012, Malmisali, 20:30
Venue: Malmitalo, Ala-Malmin tori 1

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