1. Short Film Series x 4 (1975-1998) Guy Sherwin, 4x3min b/w, silent 16mm
From the interconnected set of 3 minute or one hundred-foot roll of films, begun in 1975. “The uniform duration of the films, the overriding concern with light, time and corporeality (…) are common to all the films and provide a powerful cumulative effect for the viewer. But on a deeper level, what binds these films together and gives them their enduring fascination is the deeply human connection which Sherwin makes between his formal filmmaking concerns and the subjects of his films. These films are all about relationships – between light and darkness, light and camera, camera and subject, subject and filmmaker and viewer, all at once and played out not only on the screen but also in the mysterious conjunction between the projected film and the viewer”. (Andy Ditzler).

2. Flight (1998) Guy Sherwin, 4min. b/w, sound. 16mm. 
Flight is a four-minute work made from a tiny fragment of film of pigeons, semi-silhouetted in trees, shot with a long lens. The imagery has been slowed-down and sometimes stopped, using an optical printer to rework the original fragment. The effect of this is that a bird, frozen in the act of taking off from a branch, disappears. As movement is returned it is still unclear whether it is the bird’s flapping wings or the wind in the trees. (Nicky Hamlyn: Coil Magazine, November 2000)


3. Wires (2009) Guy Sherwin, 6min.b/w, silent. 3x16mm projectors. 3min b/w, silent. 16mm. For three 16 mm projectors with stacked, overlapping images. The dance of wires against the sky seen from a speeding train.

4. Autumn Fog (2011) Lynn Loo 12 min. colour, silent. 2x 16mm projectors
Two 16mm film projection performance. This work is shown with one positive film and one negative film of images from artist´s garden.

5. Views from Home (2005) Guy Sherwin 12min. colour, sound. Super 8 on DV
”Filmed from my flat in east London, it shows sunlight passing through rooms in the course of the day, and across buildings seen from the windows. Sometimes I would set the time-lapse camera running and leave the house while the camera recorded light moving through the empty rooms. The downstairs flat was used for rehearsal by saxophone player Alan Wilkinson. The soundtrack comes from recordings made while walking from room to room as he was playing, mixed with sounds of music from the street”. (G.S.)


SAT 14.4.2012, Malmisali, 16:00
Venue: Malmitalo, Ala-Malmin tori 1

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