Short films and film performances by Guy Sherwin & Lynn Loo

Guy Sherwin studied painting and began making films and film-related works in the 1970s influenced by the radical work of the London Film-Makers Co-op, the UK centre for experimental film. His films often use serial forms and live elements, and engage with light, time, motion and sound as fundamental elements of cinema. The more recent works, made in collaboration with artist Lynn Loo, include performances with multiple 16mm projectors and optical sound (sounds made from light) sometimes in conjunction with improvised music.

Lynn Loo´s first film was a black & white 16mm collage of images and scratched text made at a workshop in Singapore. She went on to study at the School of the Art Institute of Chicago, where the films she made were compositions of images and sound that suggested narratives or conveyed an event without text or words. In 2004, on moving to England, Loo began experimenting with the celluloid material of film combined with multiple 16mm projection performance. This was after she had been introduced to the practice of expanded cinema by artists involved in the London Film-Makers´ Co-op of the 1970s. Her performances Vowels, End Rolls and Autumn Fog were all created from that tradition. Sherwin and Loo have toured to venues in Europe, USA, Asia, and Australia. Occasionally the works are shown in galleries as a form of installation.

The films have been included in Film as Film, Hayward Gallery (1979): Live in Your Head, Whitechapel Gallery (2000); Shoot Shoot Shoot, Tate Modern (2002) and A Century of Artists’ Film & Video, Tate Britain (2003/4). Recent exhibitions include: Movements in Light in Siobhan Davies Studios, London (2011); Avant Landscape, Karlstad Sweden (2011); Live Cinema, W.O.R.M. Rotterdam (2011); Vitrine in Atopia Gallery Oslo (2011).

LUX London distributes Sherwin´s work and has published two book/DVD compilations: Messages (2010) and Optical Sound Films 1971-2007 (2008).


SAT 14.4.2012, Malmisali, 16:00 

SAT 14.4.2012, Malmisali, 20:30

Venue: Malmitalo, Ala-Malmin tori 1

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