Three films about delusions and despair. The program starts with a very private and confrontational hallucination in the 35mm film Contre-jour. Via The Suburb Within, a triptych on domestic chaos the program ends with Rip in Pieces America, a work compiled out of messages from the paranoid underbelly of the United States. Disgruntled voices paint an apocalyptic picture of the USA as a country that is about to collapse. Curated by Arjon Dunnewind, artistic director Impakt Festival, Utrecht, The Netherlands.


1. Contre-jour, dir. Christoph Girardet & Matthias Müller, Germany 2009, 35mm, 11min

The look with which we comprehend the world and which it casts back at us in response breaks up in Contre-jour into disquieting fragments. Blurs, flashes and stroboscope montages disintegrate reality into shadowy images that inflict pain on the eye. A spot light precisely cuts the individual out of the darkness. “I wish you could see what I see” remains futile hope. Blind spots gape between self-perception and the perception of others. (


2. The Suburb Within, dir. Pekka Sassi, Finland 2009, video, 11:29 min

A film about communication, narration and presence. “Yesterday is history, tomorrow is a
mystery, but today is a gift. That’s why it’s called present.”


3. Rip in Pieces America, dir. Dominic Gagnon, Canada 2009, video, 21:00 min

Rip in Pieces America assembles homemade short videos that were flagged for their content and removed from the Internet shortly after. Working in a gray zone of copyright law, Dominic Gagnon presents the virtual testimonies of individuals who are all concerned with the future of  the United States. They sit alone in front of webcams, sometimes wearing masks or sinister  clothes, and proclaim their apocalyptic visions and conspiracy theories with disturbing insistency.


FRI 13.4.2012, Juhlasali, 18:00
Venue: Malmitalo, Ala-Malmin tori 1

Arjon Dunnewind is a co-founder of the first Impakt Festival, started in 1988. In 1993 he established the Impakt Foundation as the international platform for critical media culture.He produced TV series about video art and experimental film from 1994 till 1997 and curates programmes and exhibitions for museums and festivals worldwide. From 1996 until 2000 he worked as an advisor for the Dutch Film Fund´s Research & development department. Currently  he is an advisor to the Tax-Videoclipsfonds a funding body that supports innovative music videos. Arjon Dunnewind regularly gives guest lectures at Dutch art academies and is an  experienced member of juries at festivals and events.

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