Glitch set “Closed eye visyals” is a bit perfect minimalist trip into the inner soul of a glitched
Nintendo Entertainment System console. Phantoms of the video game past may haunt
the dreams of the 8-bit heroes, but the ever consuming hardware rot has glitched the very
being of these pixelated Illiads. Only they witness the chaotic confusion of the garbage bit
mutation. Pleasant retro memories not guaranteed.

Known in the demoscene as Visy, Visa-Valtteri Pimiä has experimented with demo art
since 2001 and he has been interested in the artistic possibilities of computers since laying
his eyes on the Commodore 64. Working with Trilobit and Bilotrip, he is best known from demos for 8-bit devices such as Nintendo NES and Atari 2600. Nowadays he’s experimenting
with emerging graphics technologies such as WebGL.


SAT 14.4.2012, 22:00
Venue: Bar, Porvoonkatu 19 Helsinki

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