The obscure evening club will be hosted by Robert Vierling (DE/FI) + Samy Kramer (CH) + Lauri K. Vierling will not just play a huge range of deep delicate tunes but also explore the basic
physical mechanism of vinyl disk playback in his performance CLICKTCHHHH by direct
manipulation of the groove. Kramer will be remixing own video and audio works of the
last decade, ranging from hypnotic pulsating club visuals to narrative short videos and other
eclectic performances caught on tape. The lost cellar evening will be rounded up by the
evergreen rocksteady performance Interventioni Taso Kaks joined by VJ Lauri K. Not just
another intense experience. Tervetuloa.

Samy Kramer studied video art at the Hochschule für Kunst und neue Medien in Basel and has been involved in various projects ranging from film, theatre, performance and visual art to music. His main interest deals with the use of rhythm in the audio-visual language. He lives and works in Helsinki.

Robert Vierling is currently studying in the Music Technology degree programme of the Sibelius Academy in Helsinki. One of his special interests is analog disk technology, from the perspective of the DJ and the record cutter.


FRI 13.4.2012, 22:00 
Venue: FNT Club Scene (Lavaklubi), Läntinen Teatterikuja 1 Helsinki


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