Hanna-Maria Anttila is the director AV-arkki – The Distribution Centre for Finnish Media Art. AV-arkki distributes our festival’s yearly compilation of moving image “Ghost Lights”. av-arkki.fi






 Dave Berg (b. 1981) is a visual artist and filmmaker, whose works show the emotions, dreams and symptoms in the individuals of our time with a slashing grip. Berg’s media vary from fiction feature films to virtual reality animations. His works has been shown at film and media art -festivals from Sodankylä Film Festival to EMAF European Media Art Festival. His works have also been shown in many solo and group exhibitions. daveberg.net



Elena’s Idea plays melodic and personal music about the small things that form the human experience. Elena´s Idea consists of three people. Pekka Sassi (FI) is a visual/ sound artist, Veli-Matti Saarinen (FI) is a researcher in aesthetics and art philosophy, and Yuko Takeda (JAP/FI) is an actress. She also writes lyrics to the songs. fb.com/elenasideaband


Anna Estarriola (b. 1980) is a Catalan visual artist living and working in Helsinki since 2004. In addition, she has done studies on contemporary dance in Barcelona and Helsinki. Estarriola is interested in intuitively envisaged exchanges between visual arts with other disciplines, such as performing arts and technology. She has created still and dynamic media installations which combine sculpture and moving image with acting, dancing, and dramaturgy. She has also directed dance performances and short film projects. The themes of her work revolve around interpretations on individual and collective behavior, perception of reality, emotions, and communication. annaestarriola.


Jukka Hautamäki (b. 1971) works in the fields of interdisciplinary media arts as artist, educator and curator. His recent activities include being founder/coordinator in Helsinki sound-electronics and Kruks – Art and Technology -groups. jukkahautamaki.com



Helsinki sound-electronics consists of electronic musicians, media artists, researchers and makers. The group reacts quickly to new innovations and products in sound & media improving craft skills and maker culture. The group arranges workshops and peer learning sessions for anyone interested in the topics. Anyone can propose new topics to be researched and presented. Usually participation in events is either free or a small donation fee is required. HelSe is: Miguel Fonseca (PT), Jukka Hautamäki (FI), Victor Khashchanskiy (RU), Juha Kivekäs (FI), Caspar Ockeloen (NL), Roberto Pugliese (IT), Juan Duarte Regino (MX), Cillian Warfield (IE), Valtteri Wikström (FI). helse.fi


Petteri Kalliomäki (b. 1982) is a cinephile and film screening activist. His activities include having been the director of Arctic Heat Film Festival.





Natalia Kozieł (b. 1987) is an experimental visual artist who combines in her work the languages of painting and printmaking, Kozieł has recently moved from making big scale paintings and drawings into the field of film and slide projections. Her living collages are studies of the interaction between still and moving images, between light and shadow, between black and white. Through the action of projection the small found footage images, scratches and even pieces of dirt on top of them are getting a dramatic nature that they otherwise would miss.




Teemu Mäki (b. 1967) is an artist and Doctor of Fine Arts. He works in the fields of art, video, theatre, literature and theory. For him art is the most flexible, versatile and comprehensive form of philosophy and politics. teemumaki.com




Pink Twins is a duo of audiovisual artists and electronic musicians, brothers Juha (b. 1978) and Vesa Vehviläinen (b. 1974), based in Helsinki, Finland, active since 1997. Pink Twins have shown their works in exhibitions and festivals in all continents and performed audiovisual live shows through Europe, Americas, Asia and Australia. pinktwins.com



Roberto Pugliese - photo by Sinem KayakanRoberto Pugliese (IT/FI, b. 1980) is a sound and media artist and researcher based in Helsinki. His work consists of compositions, installations and performances and is often concerned with memories, the concept of interface and are based on the augmentation of physical media. By collecting, processing and coupling audio and visual material, he works toward a common language among visual and sonic imageries.

His installations often use sound and its transformation to establish alternative relations between the visitor and the space. He has presented his work in festivals such as Plektrum (EE) and CARTES FLUX (FI) and Loikka (FI) and in galleries such as MUU Galleria (FI), the Science Gallery (IE) and EYEBEAM (NY, US). He has also collaborated with dancers and choreographers for the creation of alternative stages and new forms of media performance.

“My composition and performances explore the relationship between sound and images, their perceptual integration in time and space and intertwined choreography as one medium.” robertopugliese.net/


Caspar Stracke (b. 1967) is an interdisciplinary artist and filmmaker. His work takes place around architecture and urbanism, cinema and media archaeology. His films, videos and installation work have been displayed in exhibitions, retrospectives and festivals throughout the North and South America, Europe and Asia.

Stracke is Member of the Board of The Thing, a NYC-based nexus for art, activism and netculture and has curated exhibitions, screenings and discussions since 1999. Since 2003, he has been the co-director of video_dumbo, and exhibition/festival for contemporary video art in Dumbo, Brooklyn, NY.

Stracke’s country of origin is Germany, but he has lived and worked in New York City since 1993. Stracke has studied at the HBK University of Art, Braunschweig, Germany and holds a degree of Master of Fine Arts in Experimental Film (1994). Prior to his move to Helsinki, Stracke has also lived and taught in South Korea (Guest Professorship, Media Art at Ulsan University) as well as Mexico City. videokasbah.net


 Janne Särkelä (s. 1977) is an ambient music artist and a sound traveller of many kind of waters. His third album ’Melancholy Paradox’ will be published in 2015. He plays ambient music under the name Sarana. Sarana has been performing for 10 years in Finland and abroad in the chill-out spaces of psychedelic festivals. Särkelä makes sound installations and sound-image transformations. Music in live concerts is born by analyzing the sound spectrum. soundcloud.com/sarana


Mika Taanila (b.1965) is a filmmaker and visual artist based in Helsinki. His work escape any classifications and open up many possible worlds in the previously uncartographed areas between documentary film and experimental film. According to German film critic Olaf Möller: ”in Taanila´s realm, a state in the paraphysical Republic of Immodest Ideas, the strangest things tend to happen.” (Film Comment, 2005). Taanila´s retrospectives has been shown i.e. in The Museum of Contemporary Art Kiasma in Helsinki and Rotterdam Film Festival and his works are constantly shown in art museums and festivals around the world. mikataanila.com




Heidi Tikka (b. 1959) is a visual artist based in Helsinki. She works on context and site-specific installations that often involve participatory processes. Her works inquire into the interfaces between humans and information systems and they often place the spectator in a performative, embodied relation with the work. heiditikka.com/


Juha van Ingen is a Helsinki-based media artist who utilizes various mediums in his works ranging from objects and spaces to moving image and sound. His curational practice include among others HEART, Helsinki environmental art project between the years 1998-2001 in the various different European Capitals of Culture. Van Ingen is a founding member in Finnish moving image artists FixC Cooperative (founded in 2007). juhavaningen.com



Marko Vuokola (b. 1967) has worked with many media, ranging from photographs to video and sculpture. His work refer to modernist painting as well as abstraction and conceptualism. His works has been exhibited extensively around the world. He has worked also in public projects in the artists constellation OLO (together with Pasi Karjula). Marko Vuokola lives and works in Helsinki, Finland. vuokola.com

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