SUN 12.4.2015 Malmitalo 16:30
Address: Ala-Malmin tori 1, Helsinki


ALL INCLUSIVE (2010, 75 min, DCP)
”What’s your job?” and ”who are you?” are the same question perhaps. They often lead up to the same answer. Topics in All Inclusive are loss and compensation of identity. Work addiction. Cannibalism. Miss Ambra is vowed to the pleasure of sacrifice. She’s so efficient, competitive, needful. Overwhelming.

JOULE (2010, 23 min, DCP)

The ‘joule’ is a unit of work, energy and heat and it is adopted here as a sort of prayer, an exercise in devotion and abandonment. InJoule’s succeeding frames what is a daily routine becomes a form of worship, liturgy, an expression of economies and tensions, oscillating between the political and the sacred. Joule is part of a ‘double-headed’ project consisting of two complementary and autonomous cores – Joule and All Inclusive; both explore the certain and contradictory relationship between work, giving and sacrifice. The fish is the project’s symbol, a perfect example of a living creature which can eat its own kind, provided they are smaller.


Zapruder filmmakersgroup is an art-film venture, a non-commercial organization engaged in out-of-pocket, low budget, independent moviemaking; founded in 2000 by David Zamagni, Nadia Ranocchi and Monaldo Moretti. The group is named after the ‘sharpshooter’ Abraham Zapruder from Dallas who who caught J.F.K.’s assassination on camera, ‘creating an outstanding example of amateur film, a fetish document, a violation that goes far beyond the private sphere to become a dream, an obsession, part of our collective heritage’. Zapruder has collaborated on stage with Fanny & Alexander company (Ardis I, Ardis II, Villa Venus, Rebus per Ada, Vaniada, Emerald city) and Romeo Castellucci (Purgatorio).



Our Planet Stereoskopia -series of screenings presents moving image works often called 3D-films, based on stereoscopic vision. We reveal its properties from the magical attraction to the reification of the world´s phenomena and it´s critique. The main venue for this program is Malmitalo cultural centre (Ala-Malmin tori 1, Helsinki), with an exception for Sami van Ingen’s Hate, organized at WHS Theatre Union (Unioninkatu 45 LH 1-2). 

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