SUN 12.4.2015 WHS Theatre Union 20:30
Address: Unioninkatu 45 LH 1-2, Helsinki

Borrowing the esthetics of a ventriloquist show, Anna Estarriola and a representation of her, together perform an existential duet that speculates about perception and the side effects of being under pressure. The piece involves visual illusions, text and physical movement. Through the interaction with humanized objects and chameleonic creatures, the performer creates a dialogue on common human concerns.

Anna Estarriola (b. 1980) is a Catalan visual artist living and working in Helsinki since 2004. In addition, she has done studies on contemporary dance in Barcelona and Helsinki. Estarriola is interested in intuitively envisaged exchanges between visual arts with other disciplines, such as performing arts and technology. She has created still and dynamic media installations which combine sculpture and moving image with acting, dancing, and dramaturgy. She has also directed dance performances and short film projects. The themes of her work revolve around interpretations on individual and collective behavior, perception of reality, emotions, and communication.



In our Live Cinema series we will present experimental works and projects which bring together live performance and moving image. This year the Live Cinema -program will take place at WHS Theatre Union, Helsinki

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