SAT 11.4.2015 WHS Theatre Union 20:30
Address: Unioninkatu 45 LH 1-2, Helsinki

Nothing digital in this experience! A premiere of a15-minute projection show using multiple 16mm and slide projectors builds a bridge between moving and motionless images, and combines both futuristic and vintage vibrations. An old hit song that serves as the base for the whole performance is also heard analogically from an original soundtrack of a 16 mm film copy of a musical. The performance invites film loops, stripes and longer pieces into a dance with turning projectors, crystals, mirrors and all sorts of disturbing obstacles. Found footage seen in various disfigured ways is printed over, collaged, scratched, painted, dissolved, cut, sewn… At least it will be a lot of fun in the projecting room!

Natalia Kozieł (b. 1987) is an experimental visual artist who combines in her work the languages of painting and printmaking, Kozieł has recently moved from making big scale paintings and drawings into the field of film and slide projections. Her living collages are studies of the interaction between still and moving images, between light and shadow, between black and white. Through the action of projection the small found footage images, scratches and even pieces of dirt on top of them are getting a dramatic nature that they otherwise would miss.

Petteri Kalliomäki (b. 1982) is a cinephile and film screening activist. His activities include having been the director of Arctic Heat Film Festival.



In our Live Cinema series we will present experimental works and projects which bring together live performance and moving image. This year the Live Cinema -program will take place at WHS Theatre Union, Helsinki

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