TUE–SUN 7.–12.4.2015 FISH Helsinki, 13:00–18:00
Address: Alppikatu 17, Helsinki

Mika Taanila’s exhibition Silence-Fiction hovers around silence, absence and the art of reduction. My Silence (2013) is a video piece, where the artist presents the famous feature film My Dinner with André (dir. Louis Malle, 1984) without its main element, the multi-layered and acclaimed dialogue. A new, text-based work is based on the script of the same original source. This show features also Taanila’s debut film I Like This Silence (1983-86), made originally as a contribution to a mail-art show in Mexico City in 1986.

Mika Taanila (b.1965) is a filmmaker and visual artist based in Helsinki. His work escape any classifications and open up many possible worlds in the previously uncartographed areas between documentary film and experimental film. According to German film critic Olaf Möller: ”in Taanila´s realm, a state in the paraphysical Republic of Immodest Ideas, the strangest things tend to happen.” (Film Comment, 2005). mikataanila.com

Opening Tue 7.4.2015, 18:00–20:00. Artist is present!


MY SILENCE (2013, 12:45 loop)
My Silence is a structuralist, “reductionist” video and sound piece. It’s an experiment what happens when you take out the most important element from a specific film. Louis Malle’s feature film My Dinner With André (1981), is a canonised part of cinema history by now, a film known most of all for its multi-layered dialogue/monologue. All bits of the film that have spoken word on the soundtrack are now deleted with a systematic method. The viewer is able to make up his/her own narrative storyline and fill in the gaps, whether he/she has seen the original film or not.

I LIKE THIS SILENCE (1983-1986, 02:00 loop)
Sleepy surburbia of Klaukkala, as seen and shown by the artist in 1983. The original film was a mail art project, with a cut-up monologue from Jörn Donner’s feature Anna (1970).



The works presented in the exhibitions challenge the perception of the spectator by abstracting, expanding or subtracting the forms, narratives or environments in their images and sounds. Juha van Ingen and Marko Vuokola show the circular movements in repeating, minimal cycles. Janne Särkelä explores the micro- and macrocosmic effects of the sun and the moon on the human body. Mika Taanila´s images of a suburbian environment are haunted by a woman´s voice-over or made of the silent moments of a movie about a talkative evening. Artists are present at the openings!

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