TUE–SUN 7.–12.4.2015 Oksasenkatu 11, 13:00–18:00
Address: Oksasenkatu 11, Helsinki

CYCLES exhibition explores the experience and effects of the cyclic movements. The three works of moving images and sound are made by the artists Juha van Ingen, Marko Vuokola and Janne Särkelä.

Opening Tue 7.4.2015, 17:00–19:00. Artists are present!


(Installation 1999-2000, 2 x video 2:08 loop, Edition 3 + a.p. 3/3)
Installation of two video channels, TV-monitors are placed next to each other. Both monitors show a black and white video image of a glassful of water. A spoon stirs the water in the right image, creating a small whirlpool. The camera rotates quickly around the glass in the left image.

Marko Vuokola (b. 1967) has worked with many media, ranging from photographs to video and sculpture. His works refer often to modernist and conceptual art. He has worked also in projects with artist Pasi Karjula in the artists constellation OLO. Marko Vuokola lives and works in Helsinki, Finland. vuokola.com


JUHA VAN INGEN: CYCLE (Installation 2005/2014, 3 x video 00:30 loop)
The image in Cycle is composed of two white dots side by side on black background. The scale of both dots change simultaneusly; the other dot becomes larger and the other smaller. As the loop is repeated the two dots seem to move in a continuous elliptical circle. Three loops are played side by side in slightly different speeds resulting in a slowly varying animation with its own visual rhythm. Cycle is a digital reconstruction of an installation exhibited in Galleri Leena Kuumola in the year 2005. The first version of the work was a Flash-animated web-animation (2004).

Juha van Ingen (b. 1963) explores in his art surprising and sudden spatial- temporal processes. Van Ingen´s (Dis)Integrator (1992) is a contemporary classic of structural video art. Van Ingen lives and works in Helsinki and is a founding member of a cooperative FixC of Finnish moving image artists. juhavaningen.com


JANNE SÄRKELÄ: LIFE CYCLE (Sound Installation)
The work gives aural and visual forms to the cycles relating to being human. The pain during the menstruation (dysmenorrhea or painful periods) has it´s intimate lighting with the help of sound. The interaction between the Earth, Moon and the Sun becomes experienced by auralization of the data about their rotations and effects on gravity, part of the experience of being a habitant of the Earth.

Janne Särkelä (s. 1977) is an ambient music artist and a sound traveller of many kind of waters. He performs live under the name Sarana. Särkelä makes sound installations and sound-image transformations. soundcloud.com/sarana



The works presented in the exhibitions challenge the perception of the spectator by abstracting, expanding or subtracting the forms, narratives or environments in their images and sounds. Juha van Ingen and Marko Vuokola show the circular movements in repeating, minimal cycles. Janne Särkelä explores the micro- and macrocosmic effects of the sun and the moon on the human body. Mika Taanila´s images of a suburbian environment are haunted by a woman´s voice-over or made of the silent moments of a movie about a talkative evening. Artists are present at the openings!

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