Welcome to the festival warm-up at the Finnish National Theatre’s club LAVAKLUBI, situated in Helsinki city center! Our warm-up event is open to all festival audience and artists. During the evening we will see a video art compilation from the Italian Flussi Media Arts Festival and a VJ/DJ set byt Taavi “Miisu” Varm. Free entry. N.B. The “7 Bit Army” gig is cancelled.

AAVE Warm-up - Virgilio Villoresi: Fine

TUE 8.4.2014, Lavaklubi 19:00
Address: Lavaklubi (FNT Club), Läntinen teatterikuja 1, Helsinki

Sometimes contemporary art operates outside of the uniqueness of the sign, exploring the inexhaustible field of its expressive possibilities. In video creation, the originality of language often abdicates in favor of an ever-changing in the ideal effort of transcending the narrative and concealing the author. The artifice itself becomes the raw material, with which shaping the direction where personal and social experiences that affect the viewer’s eye, becomes part of a flow of images in search of an author. Compilation produced by Flussi Media Arts Festival and curated by Antonello Matarazzo (IT). Running time approx. 30min.

1. Alessandro Amaducci: The web (2007, 07:00)
2. Cane Capovolto: Stereo Towards Infinite (2000/2012, 2:54)
3. Valentina Dell’Aquila: Take another little piece of my heart (2010 1:15)
4. Lello Lopez: The Factory (2010, 4:00)
5. Eleonora Manca: I Sing the Body Electric Borderskin (2012, 3:49)
6. Antonello Matarazzo: 80 KG. In mortem Johann Fatzer (2012, 6:00)
7. Stefania Rota: Cinezoïque – The Movie Time Line (2012, 3:15)
8. Virgilio Villoresi: Fine (2012, 1:15)



TUE 8.4.2014, Lavaklubi 20:00
Address: Lavaklubi (FNT Club), Läntinen teatterikuja 1, Helsinki

As most DJ’s are true to one style, this one plays music that he himself likes to dance – jumping from electro to dancehall and from dubstep to french hi-enegry poprock. Of course there are limits, you won’t hear any radiopop or disco in the bad sense. One thing is for shure, you will dance! Varm is an interdisciplinary audiovisual artist who likes minimalistic but meaningful visuals. At the moment he is mostly concentrated in his Master studies in Aalto University Media Lab.



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N.B. The “7 Bit Army” gig is cancelled.

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