Ulu Braun - Westcoast

Outdoor loop projection at Lasipalatsi Square. Westcoast (2009, 07:20) is a panorama video of a surreal version of the coastline “between Rotterdam and Sydney”, not far away from the landscapes of Hieronymus Bosch. Starting from a bubbling primordial soup, it pans along an waterfront of transnational financial architecture and a giant hippo eating carrots. After a dark spiritual waterway, the panorama ends in a huge cave.


MON–SUN 7.-13.4.2014 Outdoor Wall of Lasipalatsi Square 20:30–01:00
Address: Lasipalatsi, Mannerheimintie 22, Helsinki


Berlin-based artist and filmmaker Ulu Braun inserts his manifold quotations into large and picaresque schemata that can ultimately loop around on themselves. Braun’s projections are mesmerizing because of their stunning vividness and their walk-in scale. They keep us riveted less through incantatory repetition than through the promise of surprise, of absurd spatial juxtapositions and lunatic sequencing. Braun exploits the expansive potential of the latest video technologies to their utmost. His video installations have been shown in i.e. Kunstmuseum Bonn, KunstWerke Berlin, Kunsthalle Wien and GoMA Glasgow.


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