A Scene at the Sea

Directed by Kitano Takeshi, 1991, 121min

“Though trapped in silence, their expression of love is no less profound. A lyrical masterpiece reminding us that images are often as powerful as words.”

The third film directed by Kitano does bear all his hallmarks, with its pared-down approach to storytelling and its subtle use of editing. Deaf and dumb teenager Shigeru is a dustman by day. After finding a surfboard he finds himself drawn to the waves accompanied by his girlfriend, the equally mute Takako. He spends his every spare hour trying to master the sea. His determination catches the eye of the owner of a nearby surf shop who persuades him to enter a local contest. Kitano’s film unreels as an idyllic series of snapshot reminiscences of a perfect summer.


FRI 11.4.2014, Pieni sali 17:30 
SUN 13.4.2014, Pieni sali 15:00
Address: Malmitalo, Ala-Malmin tori 1, Helsinki


For the almighty Takeshi “Beat” Kitano (b. 1947) no profession is strange. He is a film director, comedian, actor, singer, entertainer, poet and painter. He has left his signature in yakuza genre (Sonatine, 1993; Hana-Bi, 1997), slapstick comedy (Minna Yatteruka, 1994) and designed even video games. He owns his own talent agency and production company Office Kitano and is a professor in Tokyo University of the Arts.

A Scene at the sea

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