Virvatulet - Marika Oreniu Therefore it is

Ghost Lights (Virvatulet) is a compilation of AV-arkki’s new Finnish moving image works selected yearly by AAVE Festival. This year we have been particularly intrigued with a sense of place. Travellers encounter new places and new creatures. The place can be related to social networks and travel with you. With the help of a camera, space can be explored in a new way. For a newborn every place is new.


FRI 11.4.2014, Pieni sali 19:30
Address: Malmitalo, Ala-Malmin tori 1, Helsinki


1. Marika Orenius: Therefore it is [has been] here (2013, 05:30)
Stray dogs, wild cats, free cows, wandering people, leisure travellers…

2. Jaakko Pallasvuo: Reverse Engineering (2013, 11: 04)
You upgrade from single player campaigns to social networks. Life in the cloud since the early 21st century. Then you’re gaming an art career. More shows, more experience points. The next level. Parties are games. MDMA is a cheat code for euphoria and tender feelings. 520 friends, 37 pending friend requests.

3. Sini Pelkki: A Replacement (2013, 06:45)
The camera tracks inside a defined space. The room seems to consist of multiple images. Foreground and background merge and shift into each other. The film studies the tension between the still and the moving image.

4. Sami Sanpäkkilä: Psychedelic Alphabet for the Newborn (2013, 05:34)
Psychedelic Alphabet for the Newborn is a video I made as a present for my dear friends new born baby. Life is beauty, violence, comfort, danger and lipstick. Even for the newborn.

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