Elena Näsänen: Night

FixC Co-operative of moving image artists presents works by previous and current members to celebrate its’ seven years of existence. The screening begins with Jarkko Räsänen´s documentation of the work of an ant and it ends with Pekka Sassi´s impressive interpretation of a spam mail letter. Between these works we travel from nocturnal moods via touching mourning hymns to the events in the landscape and of the cosmic scale, not forgetting the material conditions of inner spaces.


SUN 13.4.2014, Malmisali 18:00
Address: Malmitalo, Ala-Malmin tori 1, Helsinki


1. Jarkko Räsänen: Marche Funèbre (2013, 06:00)
“A moth flew inside my studio after video projector’s light. Spiders ate it. After I cleaned the floor and threw to the yard outside, I noticed that it started to move by itself against the wind. As I looked down, I noticed an ant carrying the corpse back towards the grass field and forest where it originally had come from. The soundtrack consists of field recordings including birds singing, and the sounds of ant colony walking over dry leaves in the nearby forest accompanied with loops of piano chords.” – Jarkko Räsänen

2. Elena Näsänen: Night (2007, 06:57)
A woman leaves a villa at night and follows a narrow path into the woods. Darkness surrounds her as she continues through branches deeper and deeper into the forest. “Night” resembles a clip from a suspense thriller in which dream and reality fuse.

3. Seppo Renvall: Musta / Black (2011, 02:47)
An illustration for the mourning hymn sung by Maija Saksman.

4. Rita Jokiranta: Chasing Yesterday (2007, 03:24)
A fluttering, rapid journey through a snowy landscape like a dream about the past times. Time to time it isinterrupted by opposite movements in flickering images, recalling the white noise on a television screen and the break-down of the memories.

5. Kari Yli Annala: Asteroid (2010, 02:03)
An asteroid can be the end or beginning of everything.

6. Juha van Ingen: Cosmic Latte (2014, 03:06)
An introduction to Cosmic Latte by the twins from Stanley Kubrick’s Shining. Cosmic Latte is a name assigned in 2002 to the average color of the universe given by a team of astronomers from Johns Hopkins University. The hexadecimal RGB value for Cosmic Latte is #FFF8E7.

7. Maria Ducker: Aluminium (2013, 04:35)
Music video to Chainsmoker´s song Aluminium. A story of a lonely lumberjack´s working day. In the middle of his work he sculpts faces to blocks of wood and drinks coffee with his new friends.

8. Mika J. Ripatti: Wrong (2008, 07:42)
A depressed man lies down in a hotel room. He’s having a imaginary conversation with his ex-wife about the reasons of their divorce. “The
Actors” on the film are speech-synthezisers.

9. Erkka Nissinen: Material Conditions of Inner Spaces (2013, 15:29)
Material Conditions of Inner Spaces was filmed in Hong Kong, combines Buster Keaton–like comedy sketches with stilted quasi-philosophical phraseology. It provides insight into the turbulent thoughts and worries that are part of an artist’s process when readying work for an exhibition on a tight deadline.

10. Pekka Sassi: A Message From Mary Davis (2006, 02:18)
A dramatization based on junk e-mail.


Mika Ripatti: Wrong

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