AV-arkki 25V - Juha van Ingen: Disintegrator

The screening program celebrates 25 years of AV-arkki, The Distribution Centre for Finnish Media Art. It shows works from the early pioneering years to the present day. It shows the many modes of video and film-based art starting with a threat to the eye and ending up with a kiss.


SUN 13.4.2014, Malmisali 17:00
Address: Malmitalo, Ala-Malmin tori 1, Helsinki




1. Pasi “Sleeping” Myllymäki: Sleeping (1979, 02:00)
Super-8 -filmmaker´s dreams.

2. Teemu Mäki: Tapio (1990, 11:00)
“Originally ‘Tapio’ was a music video to a song by a Finnish rock band, ‘ Radiopuhelimet’. As I was trying to find a visual form for the ambiguous content of the song accessible, I ended up extending the piece so that eventually the actual song covers only one fourth of the video’s duration.” -Teemu Mäki

3. Sami van Ingen: Liikkuva emu / Moving emu (1992, 03:00)
Moving Emu is a fragmented triangular drama. A two second long event, staring a frightened emu and the landscape, recorded from a passing car’

4. Anneli Nygren: Pyykki-teos / Laundry-work (1992, 03:00)
Yoko Ono´s performance idea carried out in a very commonplace way. – Entertain your guests by showing them your laundry.

5. Juha van Ingen: (Dis)Integrator (1992, 04:00)
In (Dis)Integrator a sequence from Kurt Neumann´s ‘The Fly’, made in 1958, is copied with a VHS recorder. Then the copy is copied again. This process is repeated until the video signal disintegrates into noise and finally disappears into darkness.

6. Milja Viita: A Tale of a Dead Man (2006, 05:00)
This video work forms a sort of video letter to NASA. There is a female voice telling about the dream she had: there was a grey stone in her hands from which she accidentally created the planet Earth. She is facing difficult moral issues after discovering that there’s life on the surface of the stone.

7. Juha Mäki-Jussila: The Kiss (2007, 02:00)
“The Kiss” is a love story. It deals with the isolation of love and the power of unification.


AV-arkki 25V - Teemu Mäki: Tapio

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