Astepback - Amorfia

For Gaëlle Cavalieri (FR/IT) and Andrea Saggiomo (IT), the term Amorfia refers to the Italian anarchist Carlo Cafiero’s (1846–1892) term from 1883 when he was in asylum in Florence, and this chapter of our scenic work is dedicated to him. The work was inspired by him and especially by the idea of a praxis that cannot be subordinated to an immediate success and a project that continually reinvents the world where it beats, dodging away any effort of a determined form.

Far from an attempt of purely formal artistic research, we make ourselves ready to be exposed to a thrill, to be that thrill. The performance space is organised in such a way that each item is a call to the arms of others. Light calls sound, movement calls light, and for sure, but not entirely, the body. Like for Cafiero, there appears to be no defined war project, except for the dirty and gritty ignition of what appears. We improvise by posing ourselves in the middle of this condition and, more often than not, we lose the train of thought: we try, that is to say, to expose ourselves to what happens when we cannot substantiate or when no decision-making or expectations of a destiny are present.


SUN 13.4.2014, Pieni sali 20:00
Address: Malmitalo, Ala-Malmin tori 1, Helsinki


In the performance, two Super 8 film projectors and a slide projector are used as sources of light on stage. Super 8 films and slides are scratched and patched, pierced and they have been drawn with ink and wax, to be used in a multiple projections at different speeds. The projectors, film and images are used as instruments to produce and modify light and, using self-made photosensitive sound devices, the sound-space of the performance, interacting with the motion of bodies. The generated and manipulated audio signal creates a feedback loop that interacts and changes with the movements on stage.

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