Fausto Romitelli's An Index of Metals

Fausto Romitelli’s video opera performed live for the first time in Finland! NYKY Ensemble proudly presents the first complete live version in Finland of “An Index of Metals”, a video opera by Fausto Romitelli and Paolo Pachini. The score is set for voice, chamber ensemble, multimedia projection and electronics. The Italian cult composer’s last work is jointly produced by NYKY Ensemble and AAVE Festival.

“The aim of Index of Metals is to turn the secular form of opera into an experience of total perception, plunging the spectator into an incandescent matter that is both luminous and sonorous, a magma of flowing sounds, shapes and colours, with no narrative but that of hypnosis, possession and trance.”

“Three autonomous films, projected on three screens, take up all the visual space, while the sound is projected as patches of light. Both music and image use the same physical characteristics, including the irisation, corrosion, plastic deformation, rupture, incandescence and solarisation of metallic surfaces, thus revealing their inner violence and even murderous tendencies.”  -Fausto Romitelli, excerpt from the original programme notes.


SAT 12.4.2014, Malmisali 19:00
Address: Malmitalo, Ala-Malmin tori 1, Helsinki


Lauma Ilsuma, flute
Juuli Markkanen, oboe
Helmi Malmgren, clarinet
Laura Vaittinen, trumpet
Max Silfverberg, trombone
Anna-Maija Perttunen, soprano
Laura Röntynen, piano and keyboard
Christoffer Isakkson, electric guitar
Sebastian Dumitrescu, electric bass
Elias Lassfolk, violin
Tim Hansson, viola
Sara Viluksela, cello
Christian Øland, conductor
Niko Laasonen, live electronics
Jaakko Kulomaa, live electronics
Jari Koskela, video technician
Otto Olavinen, video technician
Coaching and programme design: Tuija Hakkila
Live electronics coaching: Andrew Bentley
Producer: Libero Mureddu


Conception: Fausto Romitelli, Paolo Pachini
Music: Fausto Romitelli
Text: Kenka Lèkovich
Video: Paolo Pachini, Leonardo Romoli
Video assistant at “Le Fresnoy”: Massimiliano Simbula
Musical informatics: Stefano Bonetti
Techno intermissions by courtesy of Pan Sonic.
With thanks to the “Media Red” company in Florence for its kind help.


The NYKY Ensemble is a contemporary music ensemble formed in autumn 2009 and operating under the aegis of the Sibelius Academy. With its regular concerts it serves as a forum for modern music projects initiating students in contemporary musical trends. The line-up depends on the works to be performed. Each concert is preceded by a rehearsal period led by a musician specialised in contemporary music. The ensemble has worked under the artistic direction of Heikki Nikula, Heini Kärkkäinen, Jouko Laivuori, Anssi Karttunen, Mikael Helasvuo, Tuija Hakkila, Jukka Savijoki, Eija Kankaanranta, Jean-Baptiste Barrière, Anu Komsi, Ilmo Ranta, Max Savikangas, Tim Ferchen and Minna Pensola.


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