Laure Provost - The Wanderer

Laure Prouvost (b. 1978 in Lille, France) is known for videos, films and installations in which she ponders the role and the means of an artist as part of the art world and strange, unpredictable connections between things characterised by richly layered stories, translation, and surreal moments. Duration of the compilation is around 85 minutes.


THU 10.4.2014 Pieni sali (Malmitalo) 18:30

1. OWT (2007, 03:00)
The video is of a self-proclaimed ‘curator of artist’s video works’ explaining what he sees as the role and function of video art, quoting Walter Benjamin along the way. His speech, though, is spliced and reworded so as to become almost incomprehensible. There are distracting jump-cuts to people in pools and farm animals, while the voiceover is humorously mis-subtitled.

2. IT, HEAT, HIT (2010, 06:00)
It, Heat, Hit propels a story where the images of a swimming frog or snowy street scene are followed by statements of love and implied violence. The mood of the film gradually becomes darker and more unsettling.

3. THE WANDERER (The Directors Cut) (2013, 75:00)
“When I double speak, laughing and vomiting by the swing-bridge, then my language exits through a trapdoor.” Laure Prouvost’s feature film The Wanderer is based on a text by artist Rory Macbeth, who translated a Kafka novella from German into English without any knowledge of the German language and without a dictionary. On the way between languages, the original narrative is transformed, if not lost, in translation.


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