Antonello Matarazzo: VICTOR II

Welcome to the festival info-point to ask about this year programme. The exhibition space will be also hosting artist Antonello Matarazzo’s (IT) video art works. Matarazzo is a painter, director and video artist. The core of his research is based on the ambiguity between still image and motion. The link between his painting, video and video installations is his tendency to the exploration of introspective and anthropological aspects of mankind. This is the reason why his videos are shown as an educational tool in many University, like Brera and Cambridge. Antonello Matarazzo is an exponent of Medialismo, an Italian movement that postulate different media interaction. His work was shown also in 2009 and 2011 editions of the Venice Biennale.

4B movie (2007, 5min)
What do they share, apart from ‘B’, Beckett, Buster Keaton, Bene and Bergman? They all lead a wide-eyed of the actress Piera Degli Esposti which embodies, in my opinion, the stereotype of the actor in the round. Actress in cinema, theatre and in life, where the director Marco Ferreri The Story of Piera (1983) dedicated one of the most original and interesting biographies of Italian cinema.

9 06 83 (2007, 4min)
A simple portrait of a my young friend, the usual explosive charge: beauty / innocence / malice.

80 KG. In Mortem Johann Fatzer (2012, 6min)
Loosely based on “fatzer-fragment”, “Downfall of the Egotist Johann Fatzer” by Bertolt Brecht, it’s a reflection on narcissism and the value of individual strength when applied in opposite direction to common sense.

VICTOR II (2012, 1min)
“Matarazzo is responsible for Adele-C’s ”Victor” desk, created by artist Mario Airò. Victor is the re-elaboration of a project, also by Airò, entitled “Puccini at Ansedonia”: a table that alludes to a musician’s concentration and the mental spaces generated on a daily basis by the study and analysis of one’s hearing. Matarazzo immerses “Victor” in a contemporary rhythm, building a taut interplay between the object and a woman’s body: restlessness and experimentation animate the journey until the surprise of discovery.”  -Benedetta Di Loreto


MON-SUN 08.-14.4.2013, 12:00 – 18:00
Venue: Lasipalatsi TOVI -exhibition space, Mannerheimintie 22-24

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