Kuvan © Naomi Ching

Photo by Naomi Ching

The installation “So boom tschak” in its whole simplicity, is about Yokotai’s interest in audiovisual world. The combination of video and audio are presented in a production of everyday life, the television. As a musical productive group, Yokotai focuses on the sense of hearing, the visitor hears Yokotai’s taste of music in techno and house. Like before Yokotai presents different programme in the exhibition week, such as DJ and guest artist shows. More information about the programme are shown on the web pages of Aave festival and Yokotai. The music of the exhibition is a pretaste of Yokotai’s live show in Sandro bar on the Friday night.

MON-SUN 08.-14.4.2013, 13:00 – 18:00
Venue: Sorbus gallery, Vaasankatu 15

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