Directed by Ichikawa Jun, 2004, 75min

The film starts by telling the story of Tony’s father Takitani Shozaburo, a jazz trombonist from Japan, who spends the second world war in China. Shozaburo is imprisoned and many of his fellow inmates are executed. However he survives and returns to Japan where he marries a distant relative on his mother’s side. A year later they have a child, Tony. Because of his Americanised name people often react oddly, or sometimes with hostility to Tony. He develops an interest in drawing and falls in love with a young female client, Eiko, who loves to buy clothes. After the days of happiness, tragedy strikes.

“Ichikawa’s style also causes critics to recall the minimalist storytelling of an earlier Japanese master, Yasujiro Ozu …With most of the film consisting of the camera moving sideways, or of one of the of the characters standing in various moody poses, it’s about as minimal a film as one can have and still be called a motion picture” -Critic after Dark

Tony Takitani

Ichikawa Jun was a Japanese film director and screenwriter. He was first an award-winning director of television commercials before adding filmmaking to his creative activities. His most famous film outside of Japan was Tony Takitani, an adaptation of a short story by Murakami Haruki. Ichikawa died of a cerebral hemorrhage after suddenly collapsing at a restaurant, shortly before his latest film, Buy a Suit, was to premier at the Tokyo International Film Festival.

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