PRIMARIES (45min, 2 x 35mm projector and live sound)
Image:  Sami van Ingen
Sound: Petri Kuljuntausta & Henri Lindström

Primaries gives cinema a purely visual form, a kind of fundamental visual poetry. It utilizes two modified 35mm film projectors, clear film, opaque film and three bottles of ink. Flickering light, colors and textures are created in real-time, by applying liquid pigments straight onto the film base. The images are created by scraping, coloring and dissolving the film surface before the looped filmstrip goes back into the projector. Primaries allows the audience to see the process of creation, the physical act of manipulation.


SUN 14.4.2013, Malmisali, 20:00


Sami van Ingen (b. 1964) is one of the founders of now defunct Helsinki Film Workshop (Helsingin Elokuvapaja), a group of young visual artists who founded a working space for experimental film-based art production in 1989. Since then van Ingen´s works have been screened in many national and international festivals and venues. One of the main characteristics of his work is an examination of the cinematic apparatus itself and the boundaries within it. His collaborators include filmmakers Philip Hoffman and Bruce Baillie, as well as composer Petri Kuljuntausta. Van Ingen´s artist´s book “Moving Shadows” was published by Finnish Academy of Fine Arts in 2012 as part of his doctoral dissertation. He is the great-grandson of the filmmaker Robert Flaherty.

Petri Kuljuntausta is a sonic artist, composer, musician and researcher. In close collaboration with natural scientists, he has composed an underwater music and made music out of whale calls and the sounds of the northern lights. Environmental sounds, live-electronics, improvisation and collaborations with media artists have influenced him as a composer. He received the Finnish State Prize for Art in 2005.

Henri Lindström is a musician and songwriter, who has explored the borders of experimental pop music with the bands The Future Roots, Keljonlahti2 and Elisabeth Underground. He has collaborated together with visual artists, including illustrator Pete Revonkorpi in the project Eläviä ja soivia maalauksia (Living and sound paintings). Lindström plays also in experimental rock-bands Ritual Smoker and Murmansk.

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