Hannu Karjalainen

Dérive is a new audiovisual project by Hannu Karjalainen, which brings together the artist´s both channels of expression. In the performance we see videos, which Karjalainen has filmed when he has worked in artist residencies in different parts of the world, i.e. in Shanghai, Paris, Oslo and Berlin. Karjalainen and Tuhkanen play live electronic music channeling urban wanderings in an unorthodox and free-spirited way.


THU 11.4.2013, Juhlasali, 19:30

Hannu Karjalainen is best known as video artist (i.e. from The Young Artist of the Year exhibition in 2009) but he has also operated as a musician, releasing two albums of dreamy, electronic lo-fi instrumental music using the name Hannu (Worms in my Piano, 2007 and Hintergarten, 2009). Recently Karjalainen is concentrating in creating deep house -music of his own kind and building a solo exhibition to Alvar Aalto -museum. His works are currently exhibited in group exhibitions in New York and Berlin.

In AAVE Karjalainen performs together with Timo Tuhkanen. Tuhkanen is a finnish composer, guitarist, percussionist, poet, translator and visual artist. He works in a multidisciplinary way in the crossroads of contemporary music, visual arts and cinema.

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