Bruce McClure @ Masonic Hall TG09

AAVE welcomes Brooklyn-based experimental filmmaker Bruce McClure, a moving-image magician, as the main guest of the festival. McClure uses specially-modified 16mm projectors, film loops, transformers, and guitar effects pedals in his astonishing performances. McClure manipulates the projectors, light, and sound creating a flickering environment filled with a minimal pulsating beat, which is as much about the sound as the “image”.

Then Otherwise Rounding (2012) 30min
Forty Routs Static and Bawling (2011) 20 min

Film is a one eyed mongrel twice run over. Conceived in a mechanical cyclops, emulsion spread on its technical substrate is advanced by light spoilers who turn out motley lengths of heterogeneous slices taken from the world. In a projective reversal, light is reformed and reflected as an integrated setting for lines of prospective and moving things. The disparities of the film frames are successively superimposed to the satisfaction of the eye followed by a continuous survey of film’s margin for variations in translucency and the transduction into sound. At each film screening the object of mixed origins is run down but its remains are archived as silver trophies. In my performances film elopes from the nonsense of film lengths measured by footage to an atoll of patterned emulsion floating in an ocean of contingency.


FRI 12.4.2013, Malmisali, 20:30

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