Sami van Ingen - Hate

HATE (2012, 12 minutes, 35mm)
Cinemascope (1:2.35), silent. Premiered at UnionDocs, New York, June 2012.

In 1959, Soviet film director Aleksandr Ptushko (1900 – 1973) directed a feature film titled  Sampo, which was loosely based on the Finnish national epic Kalevala and which was partly filmed with two cameras simultaneously. In the film Hate a stereoscopic image is appropriated from Sampo to form a happening between two different perspectives and intended to play with the possibility of exposing the hidden landscape of the mythical  Kalevala. The implications of portraying the repressed “Other” in Ptushko´s depiction of Kalevala is also exposed. The stroboscopic effect of the film contrasts with the pictorial content that follows traditional narrative lines: the abduction of the fair maiden, the events lead to a disgraced and defensive suitor, who, once defeated, exits the set sulking.


THU 11.4.2013, Juhlasali, 17:30

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