Gorilla Tapes - Death Valley Tapes

Half a century has passed since Nam June Paik, the “pope” of video art, held his first major exhibition Exposition of Music – Electronic Television (11.3 – 20.3. 1963) in Galerie Parnass in Wuppertal, Germany. AAVE celebrates 50 years of video art by showing three remarkable works from the era of analog video art. Image-processing and video diary material meet unforgettably in Woody Vasulka´s Reminiscence and the problematics of perception and medium are explored in Steina Vasulka´s Summer Salt. Death Valley Tapes by Gorilla Tapes (Gavin Hodge and Tim Morrison) is a seminal work of political scratch video, produced in Orwell´s year 1984 and characterised by the use of found material, fast editing rhythms and electronic collage.


SAT 13.4.2013, Juhlasali, 17:30


Woody Vasulka: Reminiscence (1974, 5 min)
Reminiscence is an otherworldly record of a portapak walk through a farmhouse in Moravia, the site of Woody Vasulka’s youth, as seen through the transformantive effects of the Rutt/Etra Scan Processor. Images become eerily sculptural, fading in and out of abstraction, as if in evocation of memory.

Steina Vasulka: Summer Salt (1982, 18 min)
Summer Salt is a dramatic exploration of the phenomenology of space and vision, as Steina uses mechanical and electronic devices to physically investigate the southwestern landscape. The artificial vision allows the viewer altered perceptions and spatial perspectives. The five segments include dynamic exercises with Steina’s mirrored lens attachment, the physicality of unexpected camera placement, and electronic manipulation of the textures and colors of the landscape.

Gorilla Tapes (Gavin Hodge, Tim Morrison): Death Valley Days (1984, 20 min)
Fragments of TV mesh to construct the possible romance of Thatcher/Reagan – a vision of Britain as a police state and Reagan as a global terrorist.


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